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Black History Facts

Personally, I Wonder About The Future Of Black History

Okay, before I even begin, let it be highly noted this post is not written in prejudice, hatred, or meant to be intoned in any offensive or racial manner. It is merely an observation of the African American society here in the United States as it is noted by one African American(me). Society often wonders about the actions, or […]

poem about death

Poem About Death That I Have Found To Be Very Comforting

Many years ago, in an old newspaper, I found this poem about death that I have found very comforting in times of bereavement. I beleive it was in the “Dear Abby” section, but the author was not named. However, I have held onto it for all these years, and I’d like to share it with you. Hopefully, […]

bad decision

A Child’s Bad Decision Can Hurt And Anger You

When I first wrote about this a few minutes past midnight, August 2010, it had only been hours before that I had experienced an emergency situation in my personal life. My youngest son lost one third of his index finger on his right hand due to a bad decision. Mind you, I said a bad […]

The State Of The Union Address

The State Of The Union Address By Terry M Davis

I originally wrote this in response to another person’s article on a different site about reclaiming what is rightfully ours. However, since I am no longer a part of that other site, this is one of my writings which I will share here. This is just some of my feelings and observations, so therefore, regardless […]

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