10 Ways Men Can Avoid Being The South End Of A North Bound Mule

mistakes men make with women

Awhile back, I was viewing some funny videos, and one in particular stood out. The comedian was talking about names they come up with for country songs. However, me being the constant thinker that I am, and always looking outside the box… I looked at the song titles differently, and thought I’d share them with you as short, but important lessons to the wise for men who are married, in a relationship, or hope to have a remarriage or relationship one day. So do try to avoid making these mistakes with the woman or women in your life. Take these to heart men because they may prove to save your marriage, relationship, or even your life one day.

1. When your lady returns home after a long hard day’s work and asks you if you missed her… DO NOT respond with “how can I miss you when you won’t stay gone?”

2. When your lady asks you to call her when you arrive at your business trip destination… DO NOT tell her “okay, when you don’t hear the phone ring, it’ll be me calling!”

3. When your lady is in a romantic touchy-feely mood… DO NOT tell her “if you don’t leave me alone, I’ll find someone who will”!

4. When your lady is out of town visiting her family, and calls to ask how you’re doing without her… DO NOT tell her “I’m so miserable without you, it’s almost like you’re here!”

5. When your lady is in tears after a heated argument… DO NOT apoligize by saying “I’m sorry I made you cry, but at least your face is cleaner!”

6. When your lady asks how much is she worth to you… DO NOT tell her “if my nose was running money, I’d blow it all on you!”

7. While visiting your lady’s family for the first time, and she sweetly asks what you think of them… DO NOT tell her “the oil may be in Texas, but all the dipsticks are right here!”

8. When telling your lady you had a dream about going to Heaven, and she asks was she there… DO NOT say “yes, that’s how I knew it was a dream!”

9. When your lady is in a romantic mood and ask you to whisper those three little words that will have her walking on air… DO NOT tell her “go hang yourself!”

10. When your lady ask you if you remember the justice of the peace who married you… DO NOT correct her by saying, “it was the secretary of war!”

There you have it, I have noted or identified 10 ways men can avoid being the south end of a north bound mule, or mistakes men need to avoid making with women. However, I’m sure ladies reading this can think of many more. As a matter of fact, I encourage the ladies to add to this short list so that the fellas will not have any excuses for whatever consequences they may suffer because of a woman’s scorn.
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