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Tag Away Skin Tag Removal Reviews
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On August, 2012
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Dermatend, the 3-in-1 skin treatment that works quickly without risk.

If you have problems with warts, moles, or skin tags, then you need a good removal product. Chances are, you may have seen ads on TV for Tag Away Skin Tag Remover, but you probably haven’t seen any for Dermatend have you? [NOTE] Generally, if you have skin tags, you probably also have warts or moles, sometimes both, or all three of them. When I did a google search for reviews on Tag Away, I could not find any actual users or customers reviews for it. However, I did find loads of them for Dermatend. [NOTE] Dermatend removes warts, moles, and skin tags!  If like most people, myself included, when you search for reviews of a product, you look for actual customers and users reviews, not what the company says. Personally, I have found that companies will tell you anything they think will prompt you to buy their products so they can make as many sales as possible… whether their products actually work or not as advertised. What about you… what have been your findings?

Those of you whom have gotten to know me somewhat, know that I love researching, and I try to get as close to the truth of a matter based on proven facts. When it comes to product claims, and user or customer product results and experiences, I tend to go with the experiences and actual user results rather than the product company claims. When it comes to Tag Away, I could only find what the company claims, but no actual user experiences or results.

They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee of your purchase cost, but they keep the $9.95 shipping and handling fee… plus you have to pay shipping and handling costs out of your pocket to send them the unused portion of the product back. So, if you do not like the product for some reason, it is still going to end up costing you nearly $15.00 to get your money back. Oh, and as I stated, their guarantee is only a 30 – day guarantee, which is odd because the company claims it takes 90 to 240 days for the stuff to work. So now I question whether they will even honor your refund request or not because you did not follow the directions for the required length of time which is 3 to 8 weeks. Legally and honestly, I don’t think you can claim the product does not work, and you want a refund… if you did not use it for 90 to 240 days… Right? Also, the product is claimed to work only for skin tags! However, I think that if you have skin tags, then you will also be prone to have other skin issues such as warts and/or moles. I have not met anyone yet with just one skin problem.

[SIDE NOTE] Tag Away is advertised at $19.95 plus shipping and handling which is an additional $9.95. However, if you order right way, you get two units of Tag Away with an additional $9.95 shipping and handling. This brings your total cost to nearly $40.00. At first look, this seems like a bargain. However, I really do not see it as a bargain paying this much for something that is only supposed to do one thing, and you have to pay two shipping and handling cost to return it within 30 days when it taks 90 – 240 days for it to work on just skin tags only.

So, given these facts, I personally would be very gun shy about buying Tag Away Skin Tag Remover. Of course, being me, I dug around to find another product that worked against skin tags, and guess what… I found several. However, the one which I found most interesting is Dermatend. I found this great product not only removes skin tags, but it can also remove moles and warts in as little as 2 days according to one user. As a matter of fact, many real customer and user reviews say this product works on the average of 3 -4 days, with the longest time to remove a complete group was 4 weeks. Wow, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! So that means when you get this stuff, you’re going to have fast results, and if you don’t have satisfactory results, you’ll still have about an entire month to get your money back.

[SIDE NOTE] Dermatend’s cost is $39.95, but look at what it does, and how quickly it works. For that cost, which comes out to basically the same as Tag Away, you get a product that rids you of skin tags, moles, and warts. A three in one product that works in as little as 3 days, not 90 – 240 days. Plus, you gat a 60 day money back guarantee! So that gives you plenty of time to know for sure the product works before being forced to return it. However, based on real customer and user reviews and testamonials, there seems to be very little chance of you needing to return it.

Now like I stated above, Dermatend has actual customers and users reviews which you can read for yourself. And believe me, there is an abundance of reviews and testamonies from real customer and users. When you click on the link above and get to the site, read some of them for yourself.

Okay, now knowing what you know, which would you choose… a product which claims to do only one thing, takes 90 to 240 days to work, no actual customer or user reviews, and with a shaky guarantee, OR a product that actually removes sking tags, moles, and warts, has actual customers and users reviews, and works on average of 3 – 4 days with a 60 day money back guarantee at the same cost? Remember a lesson we all learn in life, “you get what you pay for”.

Overall, the evidence and facts clearly points you to the most logical choice doesn’t it? However, in the end, it is still up to you to decide whether you want to risk losing your money on a one shot product, or get quick results for the same money from a 3-in-1 product with no risks involved.

Dermatend, the 3-in-1 skin treatment that works quickly without risk.
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