How To Make Your Own Homemade Fireworks

How To Make Homemade Fireworks

Have you ever thought about how to make your own homemade fireworks so you can have fireworks all year round instead of having to wait for the holidays to roll around? Being a baby boomer, I remember as a boy growing up, many of us made our own fireworks from common everyday items found around the house or yard. I became the neighborhood professor when I got my first chemical set. You remember the chemistry sets that were manufactured and sold for kids? If you do, then for sure you are a true baby boomer born and reared in a more fun and learning time. You were fortunate enough to be brought up at a time when there were no violent video and computer games filled with gore, and other non-educational distractions like we have today to further dumb down the future generations.

I remember when as kids, we could entertain ourselves all day long, and well into the night with things as simple as sticks, dirt, water, and insects. You remember having dirt fights, or using piles of dirt for playing cowboys and indians with sticks used as guns? How about king of the hill? How about catching lightening bugs in a jar and watching them glow in the darkness of your room? Or, catching june beetles, tying sewing thread to their legs, and having live kites, or using popcicle sticks, or twigs as boats and racing them in ditches and flowing water after it rained?

Oh, and let’s not forget one of my most favorite past times – playing with my chemistry set. I loved my chemistry set, and by time I was in the 3rd grade, I was hooked on science,chemistry, biology, and zoology. People used to say I was going to grow up to be a chemist or scientist because of my zeal. I remember one time in science class, our teacher, Mr. Bloomfield had us to mix magnesium sulfate and hydrocloric acid. The results got me hooked on making my own fireworks.

I started out making the mild stuff like “Satan’s Bubbles”, “No-Burn Fire”. “Living Fire”, and “Pharoah’s Serpents”. Later on, I graduated up to making my own sparklers, firecrackers, cherry bombs, and other exciting things that went boom. However, when people started using science and chemistry for evil purposes, such as hurting and killing people, and horrible terrorist acts against humanity – laws were created to ban chemistry sets, and most anything that could be used to build explosive devices.

That was good, and I am in agreement with them. However, I still have the knowledge to make some pretty exciting stuff using common found items. Many of them you probably have at home right now. For instance, using a little _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ gasoline, mixed with detergent, you can blow bubbles that explode with a colorful flash when lit with a match. Or, how about making a fire that doesn’t burn? It’s simple enough to do. Just mix six parts of alcohol with _ _ _ parts water, soak a hankerchief in the solution, then tying it to the end of a stick, and lighting it. The hankerchief will burn but not burn up or harm the hankerchief. Neat huh?

One of my favorites that I used to trick and amaze my friends with was “The Candle Diet” trick. These were made with apples and almonds slivers. You simply cut a candle shape from an apple, stuck a sliver of almond in the end of it, lit the almond, then ate the whole thing. Everybody thought I was actually eating a lit, and flaming candle. You could do the same thing with a turnip, but I wasn’t too crazy about veggies back in those days, so I preferred to use an apple instead.

That was the mild stuff. However, I graduated up to more noisy and exciting, but fun stuff as I learned and craved for more. I’m talking about things like colored sparklers, whistles, roman candles, bottle rockets, and so much more. Now that was the really fun stuff. However, like I mentioned before, in these days of terrorism, and people harming people with explosives and bombs, you can not easily find the chemicals needed any more for making homemade fireworks like those just for fun.

Also, remember I told you that you can still make what you need from common stuff found around the house, under the sink, at the grocery, or hardware store. Imagine what a hit you will be with the kids, grand kids, neighborhood kids, and adults alike with some of the most exciting, and colorful fireworks you make at home yourself. Well someone has dug back into the deep recess of past childhoods, and brought the long forgotten knowledge of how to do it in our modern times… without a chemistry set! If you agree to be a responsible user of this information, then Click Here to be whisked back to a time when it was a childhood joy and pleasure to learn how to make your own homemade fireworks

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