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Okay, before I even begin, let it be highly noted this post is not written in prejudice, hatred, or meant to be intoned in any offensive or racial manner. It is merely an observation of the African American society here in the United States as it is noted by one African American(me).

Society often wonders about the actions, or lack thereof of mankind, which have been observed throughout time. However, few may be as noteworthy as those now being written within the chronicals of African American history.

For instance, no matter what canidates are running in an election, or their platform, African Americans have historically voted Democrat since the right and privilege for African Americans to vote in the United States was granted! Was it because the sitting President at that time a Democrat, or was it because the famed civil rights leader whom shared the pen which granted those voting rights… an advocate for Democracy? Why is it that as a whole, a party is voted for, rather than an individual? One has to wonder.

Why is it that African Americans have demanded to be called black or African Americans when the largest and perhaps oldest civil rights organization is still yet named the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP)… and, the majority of the organization’s cases for the past decade have been against reverse discrimination on the behalf of white Americans? One has to wonder.

Another oddity noted among African Americans is the fact that a noted Reverend whom was promoted to fame as the civil rights leader… was unheard of during the civil rights movement until AFTER the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In testament to this, how many pictures, news footages, articles, or videos have you ever been able to observe of the infamous  Reverend Jackson being beaten, hosed, handcuffed, threatened, jailed, attacked by dogs… or even simply speaking, ticketed or fined during the civil rights movement? So where did this Reverend Jackson come from? Who presented him to African Americans as the civil rights leader(it was not the African Americans), and why? One has to wonder.

In recent years, many individuals have been freed from prisons and exonerated due to testing of DNA evidence. A great majority of those individuals were African Americans. Yet, still in prison after over 25 years, Wayne B. Williams sits convicted of murder of two adult males with no evidence, and the case closed on 22 Atlanta child murders of which he is accused… again, without evidence. Yet no African American leaders are pushing for DNA testing to prove or disprove the guilt or non-guilt of Williams. Why not? One has to wonder.

Now here is something to ponder. You remember in the original movie “JAWS” how the mayor, town council, business owners and all that had a financial interest kept telling Sherriff Broady to keep quiet about the shark, or they would lose millions of dollars in tourist income?

Well, during the time of the Atlanta child murders, the city was going broke. No corporations or businesses were seeking to do business there, nor hold conventions, or what have you. Businesses located in Atlanta were losing millions of dollars because people were not going out shopping with their children, nor allowing their children to go outside. People were not moving into a city where the children were being murdered.

Then, Wayne Williams was arrested, and Atlanta announced to the world that the Atlanta child murderer had been captured. People felt safe again, businesses and corporations started flowing into the city for their conventions and so forth, people started moving into the city and the population, as well as the economy boomed. As a matter of fact, Atlanta became a major hub with more planes and freight flying in and out of it than any ariport in the world.

So, was Atlanta like the town in “JAWS”? Wayne B. Williams, without any evidence or connection to the Atlanta child murders was the fall guys for the sake of a dying city? If you check the newspaper archives, you’ll probably note that children continued to be killed while Williams sat in jail. However, it was no longer on the front page of the newspapers, if it was found withon the folds at all. One has to wonder.

Continuing on the subject of DNA testing… let’s turn back to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In spite of King’s widow, entire family, and man other prominent African American voices whom have been publicly outspoken in the defense of James Earl Ray (M L K Jr.’s accused killer), why has there not been a major push among the African American,or any other community for DNA testing to prove or disprove the guilt or innocence of James Earl Ray? One has to wonder.

Lastly, I want to point out the fact there is the claimed and alleged widespread racism against African Americans today based on the racially inflammatory “N” word. However, it is to be noted among all cultures and races, including African Americans… that it is the very ones whom claim to be incensed by it that use it the most and keep it alive in their day to day speech, greetings, music, jokes, writings, and other forms of communication and expressions. And, coupled with black on black crime being among the highest in the nation.. who are the alleged racist devils? One has to wonder.

Are these the new chronicles to be written, rooted, and preserved in black history for the enlightenment of future generations to come? Are these the legacies today’s African Americans desire to leave behind? One has to wonder.

Again, as stated in the beginning… this article is not written in prejudice, hatred, or any other offensive manner. It is merely an observation of African Americans as noted by one African American(me).

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