My Vegetable Garden Grows Once Again In The Houston Area

Vegeable Garden In Houston

I don’t know about you and where you’re at, but we had the worst growing year last year because of the longest hottest summer, the long drought, and the Texas wildfires. However, I am happy to say that my vegetable garden grows once again in the Houston area. I have finally got everything in the ground that I wanted to grow this year.

Look at what I have growing. Tenderbush stringless green beans, peaches and cream sweet corn, red potatoes, kennebec potatoes, russett potatoes, straigh eight cuccumbers, flathead cabbage, carrots, red onions, Texas 1015 sweet onions, California Wonder bell peppers, cayanne peppers, serrano chili peppers, a crimson sweet watermelon patch, and beefsteak tomatoes. This is the first time I’ve ever grown tomatoes on my own. I normally get tomatoes from one of my neighbors, but was talked into growing some myself this year.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but it was quite a bit easier also this year since I got my little tractor up and running, so I was able to use it to disk my garden. It sure made it a heck of a lot easier to till. This year I spaced my rows a little further apart so that I can go down between the rows with the tiller as needed for dirt to pull over to the plants, and weed control. As you may or not already know, my vegetable garden that I’m growing here in the Houston area is totally organic as usual.

I tried something new and different this year by putting the California Wonder bell peppers in a raised container inside the watermelon patch. Looking forward to seeing how that is going to turn out. Hopefully, the watermelon runners will grow around, and not climb into the raised bed container where i have the peppers planted. I also placed another small raised bed container garden in front of the house between two rose bushes. In that, I planted one beefsteak tomato plant in the middle with some California Wonder bell peppers surrounding it. Another little gardening experiment I’m trying out.

I was actually about two months behind in planting the onions, and by the time I went to get some bunches, everyone was out of them except the few dried up bunches I found at one of the Walmarts. However, most of them are taking root and coming along pretty good. I got so behind on my gardening this year because I was too busy with other projects, like building my livestock living area which I’m happy to say is just about completed. I have to build my chicken nesting boxes and roosting racks to go in there. I have a few other little cosmetic details to take care of, but they’re minor. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to about the livestock area is the grass I planted to give the goats a little pasture to graze in when I move them in there.

Once I move the goats over to their new living quarters, I’ll have all the manure from their current living area to put into my garden. My garden will mostly be fertilized with goat and organic liquid fertilizer made from rabbit manure. The rabbit manure has always been my little secret weapon of raising the biggest, juiciest, and flavorful vegetables and watermelons that others rave about and can’t get enough of. I started out as a distributor for the organic liquid rabbit manure fertilizer, but after trying it out and seeing and tasting the results, I am moreso a user now.

Because of the organic liquid fertilizer made from rabbit manure, I hold bragging rights to having the biggest and best tasting vegetables that you can grow in a garden here in the Houston area. That is an honor that was bestowed upon me by all the many whom I have shared my produce with, and the people they have shared with. People are shocked to learn that my vegetable garden is grown mostly in sand because most other parts of the Houston area has black gumbo dirt like that we had back in Virginia where I was born and reared. heck, when I first got here, I was thinking that you couldn’t possibly grow anything decently in this sandy soil, but it sure fooled me.

Okay, that’s about it for now, but there will be more to follow in the near future about my organic gardening and micro farming. Oh yeah, I know in the photo, the garden doesn’t look like much right now, and you really can’t see everything growing, but give it a couple of months and take a look at the new photos I’ll post.

Until then, be well, be blessed, and prosper in good health.

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