My Lamancha Goats In Texas And Kid Surprise

Lamancha Goat Texas

Living in Texas, you should never be shocked to see people with about any kind of animal you can think of. However, until a little over two years ago, I did not know much about goats in Texas, especially Lamancha goats. As you can see in the photo accompanying this article, that is a Lamancha goat, specifically a Lamancha goat kid in Texas, and he was a surprise. As a matter of fact, that is what I named him – Surprise, because that is exactly what he was.

I originally purchased my first two Lamancha goats from a family in Tomball Texas who were looking to get out of the goat raising business, and start raising chickens. It was such a great deal for the pair, a billy and nanny, for only fifty bucks, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Lamancha goats usually sell for $100 – $650 each around here, depending on the show quality and bloodline.

However, I just wanted to get started with goats merely for their four-legged lawnmower and weed eating abilities, fertilizer, pets, and maybe milk. Speaking of milk, did you know a gallon of goat milk sells for about $9.00 a gallon around here? My buddy’s son who lives in Arizonia says that a gallon of goat’s milk sell for $17.00 a gallon there. So I think I made a very good investment for my gardening and micro farming venture. What’d you think?

Anyways, when I first purchased my Lamancha goats pair named Lenny and Shirley, the lady I bought them from said she thought that Shirley was pregnant at the time. Shirley had already had a kid that was about 6 months old, and they wanted me to take him also. As a matter of fact, after I’d turned him down because he was a little wild and hadn’t been dehorned, the man called me later on, and asked me to take the kid at no charge. Again I turned it down because I really didn’t want no more than two goats to start out with.

Well, that has all changed now because when I went out to feed Lenny and Shirley Monday morning, the 12th of March, there was a surprise waiting on me – a kid, baby goat. So that meant that Shirley got pregnant some time back in October since they have a 150 day gesstation period. Otherwise, Shirley wasn’t pregnant when I got her, but Lenny decided to correct that for me.

When I went out there and saw what had happened, I know it hadn’t been too long happened because the little surprise was still wet, and Shirley was licking him clean. Also, she had afterbirth hanging about half way down from her opening. As the day progressed, the afterbirth dropped further and further down until it was on the ground. Later on, it was gone, so I assumed she ate it, like lots of other mammals do. However, I notice the birthing cord is still attached to Surprise. I guess it will wear off naturally.

Well, at the time of this writing, my little Surprise is now a week old. He sure has matured a lot in a week. He’s already nibbling at hay like his mom and dad, and he’s also very active hopping up on things, and running around. I pick him up and pet him about once a day on average. He’s still kind of skittish though. Hopefully he’ll get over that and be as friendly as his mom and dad are. If not, he’ll be sold after he’s over three months old.

So far, I’ve decided not to have him dehorned. My first real encounter and handling goats were those that had their hors, so I know I can handle it without any problems. Besides, I don’t care much for having animals medically altered no more than I would have something done to myself if it wasn’t a matter of life, death, or for health reasons. At any rate, little Surprise seems to be thriving in a normal manner so I’m sort of content.

However, one thing does concern me, and that is, Surprise only nurses on one breast, or udder. The other one is full all the time and looks like it’s ready to explode, but he won’t have anything to do with it. I’ll continue to keep an eye on his growth process, and if I feel that he’s not progressing in the nammer he should, I’ll start supplimenting Shirley’s breast feeding with bottle feeding also.

Well, that’s it for now. Just want to tell you about my little Surprise. Until next time, be well, be blessed, and prosper in good health.

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