The Beachbody And To Look Good Naked Are Not The Same


In driving around, I notice that one of the many signs seen that are real attention getters, are the ones that say “Look Good Naked”! One day after reading one of those look good naked along the roadside, I got to thinking that just because you look good naked, doesn’t mean you have a beachbody to be admired by all. So, the beachbody, and to look good naked, are not the same.

Your naked body looking good to yourself, or anyone you allow to see you naked, is based on what your body looks like before you achieve such a milestone. If you could not see your toes because of the big gut and belly fat or flabs, and suddenly you are able to – then yes, your body may look good naked. If cellulite has your body looking like a Toyota that was caught in a hailstorm, and you manage to reduce that appearance – then yes, your body may look good naked.

However, on either account, even though your body may now look good naked as compared to what it looked like before – it still does not add up to being a beachbody. Think about this. A body that looks good naked is shown to very few. However, a beachbody, like one you can get through Billy Blanks’ program seen on TV, is shown to as many people as possible. Now, I’m not saying that everyone is attracted to a beachbody because there are many whom are attracted to the larger bodies of the opposite, or same sex. Did you see the movie starring Monique? I believe it was called “Phat Girlz”! It was a good movie that was based upon Monique falling in love with a man who admired big women, and her finding success in the fashion designer world. You should check it out when you get a chance – no matter what kind of body you have.

So often in my life, I have been called skinny because of my weight and height. I beg to differ because I don’t consider myself to be skinny at 6’3″, and 190 – 195 pounds. However, I have noted that guys built like me and even smaller, attracts larger women. I’m talking about those 250 – lower to mid 300 pounders type women. Look around you, and you’ll notice it more often than not, big women with smaller framed men. You also see many big men with smaller women. I have even asked a couple of large women what is it that attracts them to smaller framed men, and the answers were the same. A big woman, and a big man just doesn’t make for a nice intimate fit with that much flesh between them.

Okay, enough, let’s get back on topic here now – looking goood naked, versus having a beachbody. Honestly, as far as appearance goes in our human nature to look our best – what would you rather have, a good looking naked body that is only shown to a few in your lifetime, or a beachbody that is shown to, and admired by many? People who can’t achieve the latter always try to play it off by saying they love themselves just the way they are. Come on now, let’s be for real. If given a choice, we know within our hearts what type of body most of us would like to have.

When it comes to a body that looks good naked, the main focus is on dieting, weight loss, and exercise. However, surprisingly, when it comes to a beachbody, the main focus is on the way one looks at food. It’s not about counting calories either. When you look at, and see food differently, you will eat differently, and this has now being proven to be one of the most simple, effective, and easy ways to lose weight without the pain. As a matter of fact, ironically, it has been called the beachbody system, and folks are starting to rave about it big time.

Now usually when I write about something, I like to have first hand experience, skill, or credible verification of the topic. However, this is one of those cases where I can’t because I have just the opposite problem- weight gain. So all you and I have to rely on here is my research and fact digging. One of the conclusions I have come to with this beachbody system, is that you shouldn’t go wrong with something that cost less than $15. It sure beats the heack out of all the non-working systems and so forth that hundreds upon hundreds of dollars are spent on.

However, I can safely say this – just like everything else, this is not a one cure for all system. I see that a major cause of failures with most systems lie not in the systems themselves, but in the users of the systems. If you do not take action, focus, have dicipline, and follow a system as directed – there is no system that will ever work for you. Now, if you have the qualities and traits, I do believe the beachbody system will be well worth the few dollars you pay. Also, it’s not something you have to keep on buying over and over again, and having to buy any other special equipment, machinery, special foods, or memberships.

So, if you like what you know about the beachbody system, and will take action, focus, have dicipline, and follow directions, google, or do an online research for it. Like I said, it will cost you less than $15 from an honest and reliable source. If by chance you can’t find it, or you don’t trust a particualr source, hit me up and I’ll come through for you. Fair enough?

Okay, good. Get busy with achieving your goal of having that beachbody, and as always, be blessed, live long, and prosper in good health.

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