Clip And Donate Coupons For U.S. Military Families Stationed Overseas

Clip Coupons For Military Families

How would you like to help our troops in some small way? Would that make you feel good? If you said yes, then here’s something easy you can do with no cost. Clip coupons for military families! Have you ever thought about how much harder it is for military families stationed overseas to make ends meet? With the deflated value of the dollar, and so often double to over triple the cost of food and consumer goods, I would dare say that over half the military families stationed overseas are living far below the poverty level.

When you clip and donate coupons for the use of military families stationed overseas, you could literally be saving a family from starvation. Just take a look at what military families overseas were paying for a gallon of gas. Back in September 2011 $8.21 in Germany, January 2012 $8.93, and $7.23 in Japan April 2011. Food prices overseas are often double or over triple the costs here in the U.S.! We not even going to go into the prices of non-food consumer goods that are available. All of these costs are killing the budget of our low paid military forces.

Did you know that U.S. military families overseas can use coupons that have expired up to six months ago? This would be a great way to use and recycle old magazines and newspapers you may have lying around. Would you like to help our military families stationed overseas whose sponsor is serving our country?

If so, then I encourage you to go to, read the FAQ’s, and sign up to adopt an Army family. In the last box, tell them you heard about them from me(Terry M. Davis, U.S. Army Retired) here at You are free to choose any branch of the military you like, but being a retired disabled Army vet, and given the fact the bulk of U.S. military families stationed overseas are Army families, I am partial to that branch of our armed forces. So doesn’t it make sense to help those who need help the most?

What happens next is that you will be assigned(adopt) a family in need to help out. I do hope you choose to help the family out on a regular basis rather than just one time. You will mail your coupons directly to the family. Don’t worry about paying international costs for postage because you’ll pay the same as if you mailed to a family member in the next state.

That’s it, short and sweet. Don’t you feel good already knowing how much you can mean to those who are serving our country? Get started now and clip and donate coupons for U.S. military families stationed overseas. Surely you’ll be blessed.

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