How To Use Free Gift Cards Online To Pay Off Debt, And Improve Your Credit Rating And Score

Free Gift Cards Online

In case you missed this at ezinearticles, I’ve republished it here to introduce you to a little known method that I do not know of anyone else teaching. That method is how to use free gift cards online to pay off debt, and improve your credit rating and score. Listen, if you have a bad credit rating or score, it is that way for one reason, and one reason only – you failed to pay off all your debts on time. The reasons why you have failed to pay off your debts and creditors off on time can be as varied and numerous as the number of toes and fingers you have. However, the primary reason is failure to pay, and on time.

Not making enough money, losing your job, unable to work for whatever reason are all nothing but mitigating circumstances. However reading this article, you will have a step-by-step plan of action to pay off some of those nagging debts and creditors, improve your credit score, and finally sleep easier with less worry and stress which has probably been affecting your overall health. Okay, let’s get started on creating a happier life for you and your loved ones.

Step 1: Gather together all the most recent bills, or statements you have received from creditors and collection companies, and add them up. One thing that you will probably notice is that no matter the amount you initially owed, your creditors and collection agencies have let you know they will settle for less, and mark your debt as paid in full. Now set those bills and letters aside, and keep that total payoff figure in your mind.

Step 2: You have two choices here, you can spend days, and perhaps weeks doing online searches for free gift cards online that are easy or low cost to obtain, or you can save yourself a lot of time and headache, and use the list of great ones already found for you in our free gift cards and products section over to your right.

Step 3: Most of the free gift cards online range between $100 – $500 in face value. So, if your total debt payoff figure which you obtained in step 1 is $5,000, then that means you will have to obtain free gift cards with a total face value of over $10,000. However, you will note on the list referred to in step 2, most of the free gift cards average $1,000 or more in face value. So, you would only need to try to obtain just ten of them to pay off your debts, and improve your credit score. However, you are free to choose as many as you would like because they will add to the enhancement of your life.

Select as many as you need that you can complete the actions necessary to obtain them. Some may require you to answer a few questions, some may ask you to complete a survey, and some may require you fulfill some other requirements, where a small purchase may be necessary. As I already said, choose all that you need that you can fulfill the requirements of until you have double the face value in free gift cards as compared to the payoff amount of your debts.

Step 4: When your free gift cards start arriving, you will note that some can be transferred to others, but most will not be transferable. This will not be a problem. Those that can be transferred to another person, list them on Craigslist for sale at half their face value. You may also use eBay if you like, but if you do, set a reserve for your auction that is half the face value of the free gift card, or set the gift card up as a “Buy Now” auction for half the face value. On eBay, you need to take into account postage costs needed to mail the cards to the auction winners.

Now, for those that you can not transfer rights to, you run an ad on Craigslist offering for sale, new anything from the free gift card facility for half price. So for instance, you have a $1,000 free gift card for target. Your ad would read something like “Any new product from Target for half price:. What happens is that you and your buyer will meet at Target, and you will buy anything they want from there, and only charge them half price for it. See how this works? You and your buyer go shopping, they select what they want, they get it for half the new price, and you get the difference in cash in your pocket to go towards your debt free, and credit improvement goals.

Step 5: Do not spend the money you make on anything else other than paying off your debts. Save that money up until you have enough to pay off all your debts. Once you have that amount of money saved, call up each creditor or collection company and ask them what would they accept as a paid in full payment if you paid it off today. Normally they will quote you a price lower than what the last statement they sent you. You agree to it on one condition… they agree to remove it from your credit record. Most, if not all companies will agree to this. They rather make something than lose everything.

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until you are finally debt free, and your credit record has improved. Take the excess cash you have made and open up a good interest bearing savings or checking account, or use this money to bring happiness into the lives of your loved ones.

There you have it. Five steps that reveal how to get out of debt, and improve your credit score using free gift cards online – and you did it with little to no out of pocket expense.

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