The Unselfish Marketer Review – The Best Internet Marketing Resource?

unselfish marketer

The unselfish marketer is actually a fellow by the name of JayKay Bak. The site itself that so many are raving about is the unselfish marketer’s vault. So let’s review it and try to determine if it is really the best internet marketing resource available as is touted by so many. There are other sites of this type that rank highly among internet marketers like the software gold club for instance. However this review in about the unselfish marketer, so let’s just stick with that. You can check out the software gold club on your own if you like. Fair enough? personally, I am a member of both because even though they both are similar in some ways, each offers it’s own distinct advantages. Okay, let’s get on with the review of the unselfish marketer’s vault.

Let’s start of by determining exactly what it is. I’m going to tell you right up front, it is a $47 a month membership site. Now for some, I know that is probably quite a bit of money to be paying out each and every month, and for some, it’s a true bargain for what you get. At any rate, this is a review, and also an attempt to determine if it really is the best internet marketing resource, and further more, is it worth paying $47 a month for?

Have you bought any internet marketing products in order to use them to make money online? You know, products such as e-books or software? How about services such as web hosting and autoresponder services that you pay for each month? You have a subscription to any membership that you pay monthly fees for? Well I know there aren’t too many people online, especially those in internet or affiliate marketing who haven’t bought some product, or payinf monthly fees for services or memberships.

In total, how much are you spending each month buying products and paying for services and memberships? Is it $100, $150, $200 or more? From experience, it looks like the average person involved with internet or affiliate marketing in any way is shelling out somewhere between $150 and $200 a month. Now mind you, I’m mostly talking about people who aren’t even making money online yet. I’m not talking about the internet marketing gurus, and those that are full time marketers who are spending thousands of dollars a month for services, products, software, product development, traffic and visitors, promotions, and a host of other things. I’m just talking about the average little internet marketing person like most of us are.

Well you know all of those products and services you’re buying and paying the gurus and companies for each month – they are provided to you each month in the unselfish marketer’s vault for less than the cost of what just one e-book or software alone can cost you! You’ve seen those $97.00 e-books, or $147.00 softwares you really wanted to buy, or maybe even bought a few since you been into internet and/or affiliate marketing.

For only $47 a month, the unselfish marketer’s vault gives you some of the hottest selling e-books, software, and products that you pay hundreds for each month – and guess what? New products are added to the vault every two days without fail! these products also include some of the hottest selling products you see on the warrior forum special offer! The included memberships are updated with new products each month without fail in the vault. And what are you paying each month for one autoresponder service? $19.95, $29.95, $47.95 or more? How about 100 autoresponders available in the vault? How much you think that would cost you? You already know the answer to that by now. Same goes for that web hosting service you’re paying for each and every month – if you didn’t opt for one of the discount yearly plans.

Those other membership sites you’re paying for each month, how much are they costing you? Do you know how many membership sites are included in the valut that you can not only be a part of, but make monthly income selling memberships to others? Hey, after all, the chances are great that the membership sites you’re paying someone for right now are part of the vault, and you’re putting money into someone else’s pocket every month that you could be keeping in your own pocket.

Oh, and have you seen products such as e-books or software that you really wanted, but didn’t have the money for, or you didn’t want to risk taking a chance on it for the amount of money they were asking for it? Well as part of your membership in the vault, you just ask jaykay bak to buy it for you, and let all the risk be on him while you keep all your hard earned money safe and in your pocket. Of course now, what he buys for you will not belong to you alone because he makes it available to all the members. But hey, why should you care about that as long as you getting what you want?

There are some more things about the vault that I am not even going to get into here because otherwise, this would no longer be an article, but a darn book. So what can one say that is negative about the vault? Well for starters,like I said, they update the vault with new stuff every two days. That can be a problem sometimes because when something is a hot selling product that you could make some money off of, you may have to wait two days before you can get your hands on it before hundreds of other marketer’s grab it from the source that first makes it available for sale.

Also, remember how I told you that JayKay bak will buy products for you? Well you don’t know for sure if he bought them or not until the site is updated the next time. You do not get any notifications of what products are added to the vault, so you have to go in there each day and see what’s new for yourself. also, there are times when the vault is not updated with new products until late in the evening. Some of that may be due to the time differences where you at, and where JayKay, and the vault is located. So there you have the good and what I see as negative points of the vault. However, for what I get in the vault, and what I can make each month off the products, services, and memberships, and not to mention the hundreds of dollars saved each month – I can live with it’s faults. How about you?

So that’s it. The unselfish marketer review. Is it the best internet marketing resource? Personally, my vote is still out on this because I am equally as pleased with the software gold club too for all that it offers me. Check out both of them. Try them out and see what you think. Like me, and most others that are looking to make big bank in internet and affiliate marketing, you’ll probably keep them both.

Live long, and prosper!




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