State Of The Union Address By Terry M Davis

The State Of The Union Address

I originally wrote this in response to another person’s article on a different site about reclaiming what is rightfully ours. However, since I am no longer a part of that other site, this is one of my articles which I will share here. This is just some of my feelings and observations, so therefore, regardless of what the President says, here is the state of the union as I see it – the state of the union address by Terry M Davis.

Being that it is what it is, it is not possible at this time in age to turn the hands of time back to days many of us may long for again. I say that for the following reasons.

Without even counting the financial and economic woes, America is no longer a strong nation in any sense of the word because the people who make up this nation have been weakened in body, mind, and spirit.

In body, look at the masses of, and soon to be victims of cancer, diabetes, aids, obesity, and other weakening perils of the human body brought on by the processed, and non-foods substances most are forced to consume… and the ways of life most are forced to accept.

In mind, look at the dumbing down of America with the no child left behind policy… incentives for teachers to make extra money for passing students without even so much as basic skills to correctly give change from a five dollar bill for a $2.36 purchase without the aid of a computer or cash register.

Continuing with programs like affirmative action which make it acceptable to not attain the prerequisites required for degrees and practices… based on race, nationality, or color of one’s skin. Learning, and thinking are no longer required processes.

Even in speech and written forms of communication, one need not speak English in America… “Americanese” and ebonics are just fine, and acceptable throughout all levels of our society.

In spirit, the continued decline of any inheritance or legacy to look forward to, of value and substance which would be worth having, fighting, and dying for. Just do as you’re told, accept what is given to you, and you will be allowed to exist.

Weakened in body, mind, and spirit, the American powers that be, have corraled the masses into herds of dependants… funneling them into chutes of mere existence to accept their fate.

This is the state of the union as I see it.

However, on a brighter note, I am reminded of a quote which stated “We the few, have done so much, with so little, for so long; that we can do darn near anything… with nothing at all.”

To those who will be strong, speak out, and take action to right the wrongs, I say be encouraged and reminded of a quote by Mr. Spock from an episode of Star Trek… “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.”

Even though there has been no “change”, there is still hope… if nothing else. Yes, I too, have a dream.

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